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Ex christian forum

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Ex christian forum

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We are a supportive community for ex-Christians or those who are questioning their religion. Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories, vent feelings, or just have a casual chat.

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As mentioned, some do find their discoveries hard to cope with initially, although this is rarer than might be thought.

Ex-christians: why did you leave?

If time difference doesn't matter in religion yet matters by your age what criteria does it not exist today or does it? I appreciate your respectful compliance with this request. In relatively brief periods of time when the events being considered were taking place. What's your relationship with christianity? Post something encouraging! I am occasionally worried that I will one day be put in a corner by religious friends or relatives, so this is Webcam free sex Nashville my considered FAQ for any of them, rather than an emotional confrontation.

What percentage of Christians have done their "extra-Christian homework" and have well thumbed critical books on their bookshelves? I grew up in a small town with a Christian church on almost every block but no non-Christian congregations. Contact Us.

However, if only one side of the argument is ever listened to then what kind of research is that? Many christiah us who are bought up to believe that Christianity is what the universe is all about end up taking our religious beliefs most ardently, basing our personal, interpersonal and sometimes professional lives on this. We have much potential which we can either use, misuse or squander. There may be a need for bandages. Froum the feelings had when religious were human and natural feelings that were mistaken for divine and supernatural things.

It is highly revealing to listen to those who have had experience into and out of Fuck saskatoon impala dented rear bumper and are in a position to know and authoritatively evaluate and relate their actual experiences. Let me be very specific here; by sacred, I mean devoted exclusively to one service, one use or one purpose. The broad spectrum from professional to lay Ex christian forum of all Christian types.

I regularly attended both Sunday school and youth group. Nothing wrong with it.

If you see a disrespectful user, do not engage; report it to the mods, and move on.

Such was the experience of many deconverts as the world comes more into focus out of the confusing mist of misinterpretation that is religion. There is certainly a need for all who walk here to tread softly. Environment, and how we are raised.

Christianity was once the centre of the universe for the many former Christians who lived it, thought it, felt it, preached it, discussed it, prayed privately and publicly, led religious groups and been thanked for encouraging other Christians and helping them in their "walk with Christ. No divine judging, spiritual separation from others or Spanking personals Hickman Kentucky condemnation of different lifestyles.

Warnings will be given to offenders by the moderators. Follow me here As we've entered closer into the Piscean - Aquarius cusp, tensions have only proven to increase during this time. There should be no witnessing, no proselytizing, no offers of prayer, no suggestions for "taking issues to God," etc… Out of sensitivity to those who choose to share their life stories here, please be aware that all responses in this area, especially posts by Christians, are subject to editing or deletion.

Testimonies of former christians

All self-promo must be run by the mods first. No preaching, proselytizing, or provoking.

I have found that ex-Christians frequently describe an enormous life affirming nature to the discovery that their beliefs were false. All while technology and knowledge are in an ascending pattern. From the most liberal to the most fundamentalist. Christixn research, although often very long and arduous, can still come as a shock to the highly religious. There are many reasons why people leave Christianity, but the most common reason for a very serious Christian to leave is through research.

Someone suggested I start this thread, so I did! No personally identifying information. I'm not a "need science" person.

A community for ex-christians

This happens to apologists, theologians, missionaries, ministers, fundamentalists and liberals. After spending a month reading something in excess of 10, posts without ever posting Sub male 4 dominate female, I came to the conclusion that while the site is truly unique in several ways, this particular Testimony forum is a kind of sacred ground, a special place set apart for a specific purpose.

I understand that there are quite a few people on the forum who used to be Christians but have. Often new deconverts feel that they are in a very lonely situation as there is nobody around who will sympathetically listen to their thoughts.

Ex-christian, new to this forum, gender/sexuality issues

We also have a discord server! One thing that I expect, myself, is that fundamentalist christianity will likely subside to liberal forms of christianity. Submit a testimonial, article, opinion, etc.

Nobody I have heard of chooses whilst they are a believing Christian to leave Christianity, neither do they think that they a "real Christian" would ever deconvert. Chtistian about 2, years from now?

Over the years Wx have come to know and know of many ex-Christians most of whom were well-churched, their s including former ministers, apologists, missionaries, theologians etc. For some who arrive here, the pain is acute and fresh. Our Christian friends do not want to look that deeply into our lives, preferring only to coach us back to Christianity, believing we must be mistaken.

Leaving christianity

for publicationSubmit a testimonial, article, opinion, etc. The fact that this examination has even occurred is rarely known, neither is the extent of the criticism appreciated. The painful fact for many Christians is that through research and thinking this is the Wife looking nsa Minor to which they often come.

Laws of physics exist and work the same regardless if humans, animals, and planets edit plants exist or not. Be respectful. Why else should all these people leave, contrary to their world-view, culture, professions, and heavy investment in Christianity?

This is sacred ground for us. Some quietly slip out of their religious beliefs without much fuss. But if you think I have not been fair or really have missed something then I'd like to know.

Forums -

for possible publication. However, do not curistian pushing your belief system onto others, Christian, ex-Christian, or otherwise. Open Forums. Es god can do anything, would one limit god to the bible or limit the bible to god? I do believe that physical nature such as physics, psychology, and sociology has a lot to do with our religious systems and beliefs. If someone said that god told them today to continue writing the bible, would you believe him or her? Christianity confuses me to the maximum.

Ex Christians, do you give Christianity a second chance?