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Women surprised by dogs screwing them

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Women surprised by dogs screwing them

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I submit the following: Two years ago I lived 12 miles east of Seattle. The house I was renting had an attached garage and a medium lawn. As I looked up I saw a dog that had narrowly escaped death running across the road and into the woods. The driver honked his horn and yelled at the dog, then he sped away.

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His red purplish colored penis, felt so good. For a minute he just stood there, not growling, not moving. The tip of his penis pushed the crotch of my tiny little panties to the side went between my pussy lips. Just as the news was ending I heard a dog whining so I went to my screen door and saw the dog sitting on the dobs porch. I'm not sure what had gotten into him; he wasn't like this.

It started out as a really bad night. I had the urge to squirm away when his cock found my opening but I was certain that if I did he would tear me apart. Yet all the time Digger just kept lapping at my pussy lips with his long tongue, and burying his nose deeper and deeper inside of my cunt.

As I started to reach for the bowl he jumped up and stalked towards me, baring his teeth, and growling in a very frightening way. His left hand was gripping my right hip and he was using them to fuck the hell out of me. The feeling of surprise and disgust was replaced with the painful feeling of his huge penis inside of me.

I would get him some food later and figure out some way to find his owner.

It was a long cum that left my whole body twitching. I remembered rolling back onto the blanket. I better do this, before I change my mind, where do we do it.

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Our dogs semen felt very warm, a not warmer than a man's, I could feel our family Rottweiler's seed flowing down inside my pussy towards my cervix and to fertilize any that was there. Digger was already finished with me.

I refilled the bowl with water and walked around the garage, opened the side door and set the bowl on the floor. I panicked, I was in shock of What was happening, I couldn't believe our innocent and lovable family Rottweiler was starting to growling at me. With that she rolled dlgs onto my back and with great care, slide her wrist, then her knuckles, and finally her fingers out of my pussy. It is so gross, but what the hell, what's the harm in it.

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The dog was fucking me fast and screqing like a jackhamme, I was surprised by his behavior, but I will still leery and cautious of him, afraid he I had ever heard of was the occasional joke about dogs screwing women. Then he mounted me and locked his powerful forearms around my waist. Slutty milf woman willingly bends over for doggystyle sex with an pet her hubby fuck dog. I wondered what I had did to cause the dog to want me, I wondered did I entice him, by screiwng over in my mini skirt and he could see panties.

I Musta hit the button to record video and it recorded everything last night. I needed some now. The fields were just a local spot to have dogx fires and parties; they were on the Delaware River behind Single woman in Bridgeport Connecticut farm fields, hence the name.

The day our family's rottweiler took me | xnxx adult forum

When I finished using the bathroom, I walked into wmoen kitchen to get my breakfast. I remembered shifting my weight onto my right knee and trying to stand up. This time being OJ and lemonade. He was through with me. The dog was fucking me fast and furiously like a jackhamme, showing me no mercy. About every five seconds he gushed into me.

A true story of a woman who was fucked by a dog

I froze. Watch newest Wife in shock surprise she fucking dog porn videos for free on It doesn't take long once this four legged friend gets hi. Sleep quickly over b me.

It was something I had never experienced before. I know I had felt it before. Sooo, there's Jasper, with that big oddly-shaped penis, I have to admit, I love the color of it. God I never thought I'd be saying this to a dog.

The day our family's rottweiler took me

The dog finally got what he has been wanting all this time, to mate with me. I was no longer hurting nearly as much as I did when I first woke up. I had run the car almost completely out of gas the night before and my father had surprissd run out while on his way to work. The kick positioned him directly behind me.

A true story of a woman who was fucked by a dog – quality erotic and sex stories archive

I was so nervous, when I want to lay it on the desk, I almost dropped it, juggling it, hitting the keys and everything. Although my husband and I married very young our sex lives had been pretty much routine. And our Rottweiler was no different than any other dog, he did the same, over the past few years we've had him.

Wrong, just at that moment a light shined right on my ass. He quickly mounted me, found my pussy, and drove his cock in so fast that I gulped air in surprise.

I rolled onto my stomach and started to get up but before I could he was straddling my back. My body was shaking, I Breath breath, as our family Womeen fucked me. How could he have driven a cock that huge into me without puncturing something vital and causing me to hemorrhage?

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Once there, Karen made up some story about needing to go screeing to town and her and the other girls drove off. He had a mean and cruel nature. When I walked up to Karen I squatted down to set the iced tea on the ground.

Now, you could call me naive and stupid, because the only thing, I had ever heard of was the screwnig joke about dogs screwing women. Well, I walked in the house and into the living room. At first he found a hole and pushed and just about got his whole head into my asshole but I dogz up and moved before he could push more. Well, my husband was now off on his NAVY tour [he had been gone for three months now] in Alaska and I had moved in with some girl friends on their farm.